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Here, you'll find a collection of my glass art.
Simply click on an image to see it larger and for additional info.
Please check back often as I'm always adding new items!

 -  Suncatchers  - 

Sweet Little Rose Suncatcher - Sold  Sweet Little Rose Suncatcher - Sold

A Bunch of Beautiful Roses

Clematis Circles

Purple Clematis Circle - Sold  Pink Clematis Circle - Sold

Lavender Medallion - $35  Blue Medallion - $24


Fun Fruit Suncatchers

Peach Suncatcher - $14  Strawberry Bunch Suncatcher - Sold  Grapes Suncatcher - Sold  Apple Suncatcher - Sold  Prickly Pear Suncatcher - Sold

Ulysses The Butterfly Suncatcher - Sold  Darling Daffodils Suncatcher - Sold

Elegant Summertime Pieces

More Glass Suncatchers

Pink Tulip Suncatcher - $22  The Why-Not-A-Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Suncatcher - Sold  Pretty Purple Kite Suncatcher - $18  Bright Idea Light Bulb Suncatcher - $18  Brilliant Blue Balloon - Sold

Seasonal Glass

Bright Orange Pumpkin Suncatcher - $16
Pumpkin Suncatcher - Sold  Not So Ghoulish Ghost Suncatcher - Sold  Cute and Creepy Cobweb - Sold  Candy Corn Suncatcher - $14  Pumpkin Suncatchers Set - Sold

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 -  Stained Glass Panels  - 

~ Coming Soon ~

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 -  Lamps and Lites  - 

Teapot Nightlight - Sold  Uh-Oh Outhouse Nightlight - Sold


Fan Lamps

Lotus Fan Lamp - Sold  Harvest Fan Lamp - Sold

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 -  Art Plates  - 

Mock Stitched Heart Plate - Sold  Little Lavender Jewelry Dish - Sold  Powder Blue Heart Jewelry Dish - Sold

Jewelry and Trinket Dishes

Candy Dishes

Mint Squares Candy Dish - Sold  Lacy Greens Candy Dish - Sold  White Woven Candy Dish - $18

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 -  Vases and Votives  - 

Wispy White Vase (and Votive) - Sold  Very Vanilla Vase (and Votive) - Sold

Framed Vases

Solid And Wispy Vases

Plum Polka Dots Vase (and Votive) - $18  Pretty Purple Vase (and Votive) - Sold  Purple and Cranberry Vase (and Votive) - Sold  Lovely Lavender Vase (and Votive) - Sold

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 -  Jewelry  - 

Round Pendants

Powder Blue Wispy Pendant - $18

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 -  Other Goodies  - 

Trick-or-Treater Ghost Ornament - Sold  Adorable Alien Magnets - Sold

   Some Fun Random Pieces

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The creations on this site are my original designs and therefore protected by copyright law...
please enjoy, but do not steal!

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