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 -  My Bio  - 

My first workbench...

So many of my earliest childhood memories involve me building something. Not sure why, but I have always liked putting things together. My mother says, when I was little, I even used to make forts out of Tupperware containers and toilet paper packs - true story.

As a kid I was always encouraged to explore and create. I knitted, cross-stitched, plastic canvased, polymer clayed, baked, dollhoused, and woodworked. I always had a project in the works, or an idea waiting for the next available moment. A parent was always there too, to bring me to the store to get those few essential crafting supplies we didn't already have in the house.

Little Scrap Wood House Cross Stitch Rose Little Fimo Girl Your Everyday Mushroom Woodcarving Click to go on the dollhouse tour!

However as I got older, I found myself foregoing crafting opportunities, for what I felt I was "supposed" to be doing instead. Somewhere along the line I had just stopped giving myself credit for the one thing that consistently brought me joy throughout my early life. It took years but eventually it dawned on me what was missing in my life and I realized this one small but significant truth...I had always been, and still was a craftsman plain and simple.

And so, with this new awareness, I now faced the task of deciding what to do next. There was one artform that had always seemed just out of reach, and that was stained glass. To be honest, I never thought it was something I could actually do. The fact is it seemed quite dangerous and scary just thinking about broken glass and molten lead. Well I'm stubborn, and finally decided to do some research and learned how to work with glass and lead safely. And no sooner had I run the first score, I was hooked!

Well we've caught up to the present, and I've been working with glass now since 2004. One of the things that really appeals to me about stained glass, is that the fabrication techniques haven't changed all that much over the centuries, and so when I'm creating a piece, I feel a bit of a connection to that history. Being interested in the sculptural aspect of woodcarving, I have recently taken up kiln-formed (fused) glass construction as well. With fused glass, I really like the technical challenge of trying to produce a visually pleasing and quality piece from something as unpredictable as melting glass.

Teapot Nightlight Darling Daffodils Suncatcher White Woven Dish Pretty Purple Vase Lotus Fan Lamp

Over the past few years I have worked with many techniques on projects of all sizes, including the copper foil method, lead came construction, mosaics, lamp construction, lead-free work, three-dimensional, along with many types of fused, and my house needless to say, is full. At that time I had been getting several cues from people suggesting I sell some of my pieces; Can't say I didn't have the same thoughts myself on occasion. And being someone who has learned to pay attention to life's little nudges, I'm very excited to now be able to offer some of my creations for sale, and to be able to share my exploration of glass with all of you!


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 -  Workshop  - 

Welcome to my workshop! It's not very big, nor very fancy, but I've got everything I need and love my little space. The kiln is located two floors down in the basement, along with my glass. So as you can imagine, I get plenty of exercise.

Here are three pics of my room. If you look closely, you can even see the butterfly piece I'm working on currently. I even cleaned up, just for you :)

Click to see a larger image!  Click to see a larger image!  Click to see a larger image!

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 -  Commissions  - 

I will be unable to take on any commissions for the time being, as I'm taking a small break from glass. I want to sincerely thank each and every one of my customers!!! Your support of my humble hobby has been more than I could have ever imagined, and I will definitely be back with fun, new pieces as soon as I can.

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 -  Payment  - 

Currently, all of my sales are done through the online marketplace, Etsy. All of my pieces in the gallery on this site can also be found there. To order an item simply follow the "more info/buy now" link under the piece or just click the "My Etsy Shop" button at the top of any page on this site. All transactions can be handled there, and I currently accept payment through PayPal (you can use this service even if you don't have an account) or personal check. Please note 6.35% sales tax will be charged to Connecticut residents.

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 -  Packing / Shipping / Returns  - 

All of my pieces are packed very well, in sturdy boxes. Stained glass items are supported well and all glass is packed in bubble wrap and peanuts (I try my best to recycle packing material whenever I can).

I will ship your glass within three days of receipt of payment, and will send you an email when it has gone out.

U.S. orders will be shipped Postal Service Priority Mail, with the exception of jewelry which will ship First Class.

International orders will be shipped US Postal Service First Class International or Priority Mail International, depending on weight. Please note, international delivery times can vary greatly depending on how fast items go through customs, so please be patient. Also, the buyer is responsible for paying all applicable duties and taxes required by their country.

I pack all my pieces extremely well, but in the unlikely event your item should arrive broken, or not to your complete satisfaction, contact me immediately and I will work with you to resolve the problem to the best of my ability. This might include a refund, repair, or replacement, depending on the circumstances.

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 -  Safety  - 

Unless otherwise specified, all of my stained glass pieces contain lead. Please use care and common sense when handling. And ALWAYS keep all glass out of reach of children, as they should NEVER handle lead!

Some colors of fusible glass may contain small amounts of lead, cadmium, or other metals. And since I don't have the resources to determine the exact quantity in which these metals occur, to err on the safe side, I specially design all of my food bearing plates to be food safe with a layer of clear glass on top. Please read the item descriptions carefully to determine which pieces meet your needs.

I will not be held responsible for any and all misuse of these items.

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